Dear friend of GOPIO Sydney,

With a long list of trend setting events GOPIO Sydney is introducing a new concept with a theme BRILLIANT MIND BRILLIANT COMMUNITY.

GOPIO Sydney has offered an opportunity to all Indian Australians ( 17 to 25 yr Old) to be part of this most prestigious Essay Competition. It is open to all Indian Australians ( 17 to 25 yr Old).

Essay competition is judged by a panel of distinguished individuals that include prominent academics across the globe. This prestigious competition provides everyone an opportunity to be recognised for their academic skills, talent and research.

GOPIO SYDNEY encourages everyone to visit our website and facebook page regularly to review the latest updates regarding the competition and other events.
– Ist Prize $200(cash)
– 2nd Prize $100(cash)
– 3rd Prize $50(cash)

Topic of GOPIO 2013 Essay Competition is

How will you be the change in 2013?

Not more than 500 words in IBC format

1. What the essay is about
2. What relevant information the essay contain
3. What is the main argument your essay will make.

1. First paragraph: introduce concepts and other necessary info
2. Provide more specific information
3. Make an argument based on the info you have presented to the reader/panel judge

1. Summarise the argument you have made, and re-cap the evidence you have used to show this.

The deadline for the submission is 17th of Feb,2013.Email me on

The winners will be announced on 2nd of March,2013 at Parravilla Function Lounge,Parramatta. at GOPIO Youth Achievers Awards Night – GYAAN 2013.

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